You can use VMware Remote Console to add and manage CD/DVD drives on your virtual machine.


  1. Access the target virtual machine in VMware Remote Console.
  2. If you want to configure a new CD/DVD drive, add it to your virtual machine.
    Note: Adding a CD/DVD drive is not supported on macOS. The VMware Remote Console macOS client cannot add hardware to a virtual machine.
    1. Open the virtual machine settings in VMware Remote Console.
      • On Windows, select VMRC > Manage > Virtual Machine Settings.
      • On Linux, select Virtual Machine > Virtual Machine Settings.
    2. Open the Hardware tab and click Add.
    3. Select CD/DVD Drive and click Finish.
  3. Open the settings for the target CD/DVD drive.
    • On Windows or Linux, open the Hardware tab and select the desired CD/DVD drive.
    • On macOS, select the desired CD/DVD drive under Removable Devices.
  4. Specify connection settings for the drive.
    • To connect the drive immediately, select Connected (Windows or Linux) or Connect CD/DVD Drive (macOS).
    • To connect the drive each time the virtual machine is powered on, select Connect at power on.
  5. Select whether the drive connects to a drive or image on your local machine or on the remote server.
  6. Select the desired disk drive or disk image.

What to do next

If you no longer need a configured CD/DVD drive, you can remove it from the virtual machine.

  • On Windows or Linux, select the target CD/DVD drive and click Remove.
  • On macOS, power off the virtual machine. Select the target CD/DVD drive and click Remove CD/DVD Drive.