When you use VMware RemoteHelp to connect to a user and they initiate the installation of the VMware RemoteHelp app by tapping the link you send them in an SMS, the user is presented with a Privacy Notice informing them of the types of data accessed by the application.

When the user selects I Understand, they acknowledge and agree to allow the VMware RemoteHelp app to be installed on their device, enabling you to provide customer service.

PIN Prompt at the Beginning of a Session

Once the connection sequence starts in your VMware RemoteHelp console, the user is prompted to enter a four-digit PIN.

This four-digit PIN displays as a pop-up message to you, in the VMware RemoteHelp console. You must provide this PIN to the user so they can enter it into the PIN prompt on their device. Communicate this PIN by telephone, text message, or email.

This exchange represents the user's acknowledgment of the privacy notice. The user grants access (by entering the PIN you provide and selecting Accept) or declines access (by not entering the PIN you provide and selecting Decline).

Permission Prompt

Immediately after selecting Accept for the PIN prompt, the user is once again prompted for permission. Direct the user to select Start Now to proceed.

Alternatively, the user has the option to select the red Disconnect button at the bottom of this permission prompt.

Elevations from Remote View to Remote Control (VMware RemoteHelp Plus for Android Only)

If you are a VMware RemoteHelp Plus customer and you elevate a Remote View session of an Android device to Remote Control, the host device user receives another prompt, asking if they would like to grant access to control the device for this session. Direct the user to select Allow (to proceed with the elevation to Remote Control) or Deny (to keep the session at the Remote View level).

The Halo

When you use Remote View or Remote Control, only Android users can see a blue outline drawn around the outer edge of their device screen called a "halo". This halo serves as a persistent notification that a VMware RemoteHelp session is active.

Android devices also display a toolbar with the halo. This toolbar gives the user the power to pause a session and the power to disconnect the session entirely.

There is also a "flotilla" icon visible during active sessions which gives users the power to pause and end active sessions when the toolbar cannot be seen.