This section explains the MSP workflow for activating service for new customer.

To activate the service for new customer, perform the following steps:

  1. Login to VMware Edge Cloud Orchestrator(VECO).
  2. Navigate to Administration > Partner Settings.
  3. Fill out the mandatory fields for the Partner Business Contact Information.
    Note: The email domain supplied in the Contact Email section must be unique across all Orchestrator Partner Accounts. For example, if you have a Partner Account on VCO1 with email address, then on VCO2 you must use a different email domain such as If the domain is not unique across Orchestrator Partner Accounts you will be asked to make it unique before you can proceed.
  4. Navigate to Customers > Manage Customers > Add Partner Customer.
  5. Active the SD-WAN Client service for the customer account.
  6. Fill the required fields.
    Note: Ensure the SD-WAN Client domain is unique for the customer account.
  7. Click Add Customer.