Hardware requirements for endpoint OS such as Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS are met by the platform they are running on by meeting their minimum system requirements.

The Client Connector node type is unique. In that, it serves as an aggregate for multiple endpoints. However, treating this as a one-to-one replacement for a hardware-based VPN concentrator is not recommended.

The sizing of Client Connectors will depend on several factors, such as the desired throughput, the workload(s) it is servicing, and the number of expected concurrent users. Tailoring a Client Connector's vCPU count and memory allocation to these factors is recommended.

However, if you are still figuring out where to begin, a VM with two vCPU and 2048 MB of memory is a good starting point. If you require more bandwidth, increase the vCPU count, and if you have overprovisioned or are resource constrained, decrease the vCPU count. The Client Connector can function with as few as one vCPU and 512 MB of memory.

Refer to the configuration guide for specific OS support to see which OS types and versions are supported.