This section describes the minimal steps necessary for first-time Edge configuration and activation using VeloCloud Orchestrator. You should be familiar with the concepts described in the Overview before attempting the steps described in this section.

There are three Quick Start configuration scenarios.

  • SaaS
  • Non-VeloCloud Site via VPN
  • VeloCloud Site VPN

More detail about these scenarios can be found in Configuration Workflow.

This section describes each of these scenarios. The VeloCloud Orchestrator has default configurations for Networks, Network Services, and Profiles. These predefined configurations allow you to create a VeloCloud Edge configuration and have an operational Edge in a matter of minutes.

The following table describes the default configurations:

Configuration Description
Network Services Configuration for Open DNS and Google DNS Services.
Networks Two preconfigured Networks are provided, each with a Corporate and a Guest Network with one VLAN defined:
  • Internet Network: Configuration for a non-VPN network with overlapping addresses.
  • VPN Network: Configuration for a VPN Network with non-overlapping addresses.
Profiles Two preconfigured Profiles are provided. Each uses a preconfigured Network, Network Services and defines LAN and Wi-Fi interfaces settings. The predefined Profiles are:
  • Quick Start Internet Network: This profile uses the Internet Network configuration.
  • Quick Start VPN Network: This profile uses the VPN Network configuration.