This section describes VMware SD-WAN on AWS GovCloud (US)™ solution components.

VMware SD-WAN Edge

A thin “Edge” that is zero IT touch provisioned from the cloud for secured, optimized connectivity to your apps and virtualized services. The SD-WAN Edges are zero-touch, enterprise-class devices or virtual software that provide secure and optimized connectivity to private, public and hybrid applications; compute; and virtualized services. SD-WAN Edges perform deep application recognition, application and per-packet steering, on-demand remediation performance metrics and end-to-end quality of service (QoS) in addition to hosting Virtual Network Function (VNF) services. An Edge pair can be deployed to provide High Availability (HA). Edges can be deployed in branches, large sites and data centers. All other network infrastructure is provided on-demand in the cloud.

VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator

The VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator is hosted on AWS GovCloud (US), and provides centralized enterprise-wide configuration and real-time monitoring, as well as orchestrating the data flow into and through the SD-WAN overlay network. Additionally, it provides the one-click provisioning of virtual services across Edges on AWS GovCloud (US).

VMware SD-WAN Gateways

The VMware SD-WAN network consists of Gateways deployed at AWS GovCloud (US), providing SD-WAN services to the doorstep of SaaS, IaaS and cloud network services, as well as access to private backbones. Multi-tenant, virtual Gateways are deployed by VMware SD-WAN on AWS GovCloud (US)™. The Gateways provide the advantage of an on-demand, scalable and redundant cloud network for optimized paths to cloud destinations as well as zero-installation applications.