You can configure DHCP server on a Routed Interface in an SD-WAN Edge.

To configure DHCP Server settings:

  1. In the Enterprise portal, click Configure > Edges.
  2. Click the Device Icon next to an Edge, or click the link to the Edge, and then click the Device tab.
  3. Scroll down to the Device Settings section and click the DOWN arrow to view the Interface Settings for the Edge.
  4. The Interface Settings section displays the existing interfaces available in the Edge.
  5. Click the Edit option for the Routed interface that you want to configure DHCP settings.

  6. In the IPv4 Settings section, select the Addressing Type as Static and enter the IP addresses for the Edge Interface and the Gateway.
  7. In the DHCP Server section, choose one of the following DHCP settings:
    • Enabled – Enables DHCP with the Edge as the DHCP server. Configure the following details:
      • DHCP Start – Enter a valid IP address available within the subnet.
      • Num. Addresses – Enter the number of IP addresses available on a subnet in the DHCP Server.
      • Lease Time – Select the period of time from the drop-down list. This is the duration the VLAN is allowed to use an IP address dynamically assigned by the DHCP Server.
      • Options – Add pre-defined or custom DHCP options from the drop-down list. The DHCP option is a network service passed to the clients from the DHCP server. For a custom option, enter the code, data type, and value.
    • Relay – Enables DHCP with the DHCP Relay Agent installed at a remote location. If you choose this option, configure the following:
      • Relay Agent IP(s) – Specify the IP address of Relay Agent. Click the Plus(+) Icon to add more IP addresses.
    • Disabled – Disables DHCP.

For more information on other options in the Interface Settings window, see Configure Interface Settings.

Note: See also Tunnel Overhead and MTU for more information.