The following table lists and describes the fields that must be configured for a loopback interface:

Field Description

Select a segment from the drop-down list. The loopback interface belongs to the selected segment.

IP Address Enter the IP address for the loopback interface.
CIDR Prefix

The CIDR prefix for the loopback interface IP address. The default value is /32. You cannot modify the default value.

Interface ID

Enter a unique ID for the loopback interface. The ID must be unique across all segments within an Edge and must start from 1, as Zero (0) is not supported.


Select the checkbox to advertise the loopback interface to other branches in the network.

ICMP Echo Response

Select the checkbox to enable the loopback interface to respond to ICMP echo messages.

Select the checkbox and choose an OSPF Area from the drop-down list. The loopback interface IP address is advertised in the selected OSPF area.
Note: This option is enabled only when you have configured OSPF for the segment that you have selected for the loopback interface.

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