After configuring a Non SD-WAN Destination of type Zscaler in SD-WAN Orchestrator, you have to associate the Non SD-WAN Destination to the desired Profile in order to establish the tunnels between SD-WAN Gateways and Zscaler VPN Gateways. To associate a Non SD-WAN Destination to a configuration profile, perform the following steps:

  1. From the SD-WAN Orchestrator navigation panel, go to Configure > Profiles. The Configuration Profiles page appears.
  2. Select a profile you want to associate your Non SD-WAN Destination of type Zscaler and click the icon under the Device column. The Device Settings page for the selected profile appears.
  3. Go to Cloud VPN area and enable Cloud VPN by turning the toggle button to On.
  4. Under Branch to Non SD-WAN Destinations via Gateway, select the Enable checkbox.
  5. From the drop-down menu, select your Non SD-WAN Destination of type Zscaler to establish VPN connection between the branch and the Zscaler Non SD-WAN Destination.
  6. Click Save Changes.