After you assign the profile and license to an Edge and till the time you power-on the Edge to activate it, SD-WAN Orchestrator allows you to delete the Edge. If you have accidentally deleted an Edge, you can choose to provision a new logical Edge and reassign the inventory to the logical Edge so that when you power-on the physical Edge, the Zero Touch Provisioning feature works and the physical Edge is activated.

To assign inventory to a logical Edge:


  1. Log in to SD-WAN Orchestrator, and then go to Configure > Edges.
  2. Click New Edge. The Provision New Edge modal popup appears.
  3. Enter a name for the Edge, and then select the required Edge model, profile, and license.
  4. Click Create. The newly added logical Edge appears in the Edges table.
  5. Select the logical Edge entry that you just created, and then click Actions > Assign Inventory to Edge.
  6. From the Assign Inventory drop-down list, select the inventory that was originally assigned to the Edge, which you had accidentally deleted.
  7. Click OK.