Initiate a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) request either to return the existing Edge or to replace an Edge.

There are several scenarios that require an Edge RMA reactivation. Following are the two most common scenarios:
  • Replace an Edge due to a malfunction—A typical scenario that requires an Edge RMA reactivation occurs when a malfunctioned Edge of the same model needs replacement. For example, a customer needs to replace a 520 Edge model with another 520 Edge model.
  • Upgrade an Edge hardware model—Another common scenario that requires an Edge RMA reactivation is when you want to replace an Edge with a different model. Usually this is due to a scaling issue in which you have outgrown the capacity of the current Edge.
Note: RMA reactivation request is allowed only for activated Edges.
You can initiate the RMA reactivation request using one of the following methods: