Describes how to create a Virtual WAN in Azure.

To create a Virtual WAN in Azure:


  • Ensure you have an Azure subscription. If not, create a free account.
  • Ensure you have a resource group created to add the Virtual WAN.


  1. Log in to your Microsoft Azure account.
    The Microsoft Azure home screen appears.
  2. Click All Services and search for Virtual WANs.
  3. Select Virtual WANs and click +Add.
    The Create WAN screen appears.
  4. From the Subscription drop-down menu, select your Microsoft Azure subscription.
  5. From the Resource group drop-down menu, select your resource group to add the Virtual WAN.
  6. From the Resource group location drop-down menu, select the location where the metadata associated with the Virtual WAN will reside.
  7. In the Name text box, enter a unique name for your Virtual WAN.
  8. From the Type drop-down menu, select Standard as the Virtual WAN type.
  9. Click Create.


A Virtual WAN is created and appears on the Azure portal dashboard.

What to do next

Create Virtual Hubs. For steps, see Create a Virtual Hub.