A Diagnostic bundle is a collection of configuration files, logs, and related events from a specific Edge.

In the Enterprise portal, click Test & Troubleshooting > Diagnostic Bundles.
Note: The Diagnostic Bundles option is available only for an Operator user.
  1. Click Request Diagnostic Bundle.
  2. In the Request Diagnostic Bundle window, configure the following:

    • Target – Select the target Edge from the drop-down list. The data is collected from the selected Edge.
    • Reason for Generation – Optionally, you can enter your reason for generating the bundle.
    • If required, click the Advanced button and choose a value from the Core Limit drop-down list. The Core Limit is used to reduce the size of the uploaded bundle when the Internet connectivity is experiencing issues.
  3. Click Submit.

The Diagnostic Bundles window displays the details of the bundle being generated, along with the status. To download the generated bundle, see Download Diagnostic Bundle.