You can configure the Profiles using the new Orchestrator UI.

  1. In the Enterprise portal, click the Open New Orchestrator UI option available at the top of the Window.
  2. Click Launch New Orchestrator UI in the pop-up window.
  3. The UI opens in a new tab displaying the monitoring and configuring options.

In the new Orchestrator UI, click the Configure tab.

Note: The Configure tab is available only when the Operator has enabled the option. If the tab is not available for you, contact your Operator.

To configure a specific Profile:

  1. Click Configure > Profiles.
  2. The Profiles page displays the existing Profiles.
  3. Click the link to a Profile or click the View link in the Device column of the Profile. You can also select a Profile and click Modify to configure the Profile.
  4. The configuration options for the selected Profile are displayed in the Device tab.

  5. You can configure the following settings for the selected Profile:
    • Management IP – The Management IP address is used as the source address for local services like DNS and as a destination for diagnostic tests like pinging from another Edge. For more information, see Configure the Management IP Address.
    • ARP Timeouts – By default the ARP Timeout values are configured. If required, select the Override default ARP Timeouts checkbox, to modify the default values. For more information, see Configure Layer 2 Settings for Profiles.
    • Wi-Fi Radio – Enable or disable Wi-Fi Radio and configure the band of radio frequencies. For more information, see Configure Wi-Fi Radio Settings.