The Device Authentication Settings allows you to select a Radius server to authenticate a user.

At the Edge-level, you can choose to override the Authentication Settings configured for the Profile.

  1. In the SD-WAN Service of the Enterprise portal, go to Configure > Edges.
  2. Click the link to an Edge or click the View link in the Device column of the Edge for which you want to configure the Authentication settings. The configuration options for the selected Edge are displayed in the Device tab.
  3. Click to expand the Authentication area and select the Override check box.
  4. From the RADIUS Server drop-down menu, select the Radius server that you want to use for authentication. Alternatively, you can configure a new authentication service by selecting the New Radius Service button.
  5. From the Source Interface drop-down menu, select an Edge interface that is configured for the segment. This interface is the source IP for the Authentication Service.
    • The default value is Auto, which allows the Edge to automatically select the available interfaces on the global segment, in a specific order.
    • When the Edge transmits the traffic, the packet header contains the IP address of the selected source interface, whereas the packets can be sent through any interface based on the destination route.
  6. Click Save Changes.