This section describes deployment prerequisites and instance requirements.

Virtual Edge Requirements

Keep in mind the following requirements before you deploy Virtual Edge:
  • 2 x Intel vCPUs.
  • AES-NI CPU capability must be passed to the Virtual Edge appliance.
  • 4Gb of memory.
  • Virtual disk (approximately 8 Gb of disk space).
  • 3 to 8 vNICs (default is 2 x L2 interfaces and 6 x L3 interfaces).
Note: Over-subscription of Virtual Edge resources such as CPU, memory, and storage, is not supported.

Firewall/NAT Requirements

If the VeloCloud Virtual Edge is deployed behind the Firewall and/or a NAT device, the following requirements apply:
  • The Firewall must allow outbound traffic from the VeloCloud Virtual Edge to TCP/443 (for communication with the VeloCloud Orchestrator).
  • The Firewall must allow traffic outbound to Internet on ports UDP/2426 (VCMP).