The Edge Overview tab provides an overview of a selected Edge, which includes properties, status, profile configurations, and contact information.

In this tab, you can send an Edge activation email, make changes to certain properties, assign a different profile to a selected Edge, update Edge contact and location information, or request an Edge RMA reactivation. To access the Edge Overview Tab:
  1. Go to Configure > Edges on the navigation panel of VCO.
  2. In the Enterprise Edgescreen, select and click an Edge to open the Edge Overview Tab.
You can perform the following tasks (as well as other tasks) on the Edge Overview Tab:
  • To enable alerts for a specific Edge, or send an Edge activation email, see the Edge Overview Properties section.
  • To see an overview of the Edge overrides from a specific profile, or if you need to change to a different profile, see the Edge Profile section.
  • To change the contact, location, or the shipping address of an Edge, see the Contact & Location section.
  • To replace an Edge that has malfunctioned, see the RMA Reactivation section.
  • To assign a License to an Edge, see the Edge License section.

The following sections provide detailed descriptions of each area of the Edge Overview Tab.