This section describes how to initiate Edge activation.

Once the Edge configuration is saved, an activation key is assigned. In the Properties area, click the Send Activation Email button to initiate the Edge activation process. Clicking the Send Activation Email button does not activate the Edge; it only initiates the activation process by sending an email to the Site Contact with instructions on how to activate the Edge device.

The following image represents an unactivated Edge.


After clicking the Send Activation Email button, a pop-up window displays the email that will be sent to the Site Contact. Instructions are provided in the email for the Site Contact to connect and activate the Edge hardware. For more information on how to activate an Edge, see the Edge Activation Quick Start Guide in the online help. For information about Pull Activation and Push Activation, see Zero Touch Provisioning.

Note: The image above represents an Edge that has not been activated. Notice that the Edge status is in the Pending state and displays the Serial Number text field, the Activation Key, and the Send Activation Email button). See the Properties Area Field and Checkbox Descriptions table for a description of each of these fields.