Describes how to install a Virtual Edge on VMware ESXi.

To install:

  1. Use the vSphere client to deploy an OVF template, and then select the VCE OVA file.


  2. Select an OVF template from an URL or Local file.


  3. Select a name and location of the virtual machine.
  4. Select a resource.
  5. Verify the template details.


  6. Select the storage location to store the files for the deployment template.


  7. Configure the networks for each of the interfaces.
    Note: Skip this step if you are using a cloud-init file to provision the Virtual Edge on ESXi.


  8. Customize the template by specifying the deployment properties. See the image below of the VCO that highlights the following substeps.
    1.  From the VCO UI, retrieve the VCO URL/IP Address. You will need this address for Step c below.
    2. Create a new Virtual Edge on the VCO for the Enterprise. Once the Edge is created, copy the Activation Key. You will need the Activation Key for Step c" below.


    3. On the customize template page shown in the image below, type in the Activation Code that you retrieved in Step b above, and the VCO URL/IP Address retrieved in Step a above, into the corresponding fields.


  9. Review the configuration data.


  10. Power on the Virtual Edge.


Once the Edge powers up, it will establish connectivity to the VCO.