This section describes HA events.

HA Event

HA_GOING_ACTIVE A standby VCE is taking over as Active because it has not heard a heartbeat from the peer.
HA_STANDBY_ACTIVATED When a new Standby is detected by the Active, the Active tries to activate the Edge by sending this event to the VCO. On a successful response from the VCO, the Active will sync the configurations and sync data.
HA_FAILED Typically happens after the HA pair has formed and the Active VCE no longer hears from the Standby VCE. For example, if the Standby VCE reboots, you will receive this message.
HA_READY Means the Active VCE now hears from the Standby VCE. Once the Standby VCE comes back up and reestablishes the heartbeat, then you will receive this message.
HA_TERMINATED When the HA configuration is disabled, and it is successfully applied on the Edges, this Event is generated.
HA_ACTIVATION_FAILURE If the VCO is unable to verify the HA activation, it will generate this Event. Examples include:
  • the VCO is unable to generate a certificate
  • the HA has been deactivated (rare)