If the Match Destination Define option is chosen, specify additional parameters to identify traffic destination.

The destination can be first narrowed to a type (Any, Internet, Edge, or Non-VeloCloud Site). See the table below for a description of the above-mentioned traffic destinations.

Option Description
Any All traffic regardless of destination or routing.
Internet Traffic that is designated to be sent out to the Internet and not inside the network.
VeloCloud Edge Traffic designated for another site in the network. Sites such as these would use a VeloCloud Edge.
Non-VeloCloud Site Sites that do not use a VeloCloud Edge, but that have a route inside the network. A Non-VeloCloud Site is configured in Configure > Network Servivces.

The destination can then be furthered defined by specifying an IP Address, Hostname, Protocol (GRE, ICMP, TCP, or UDP), and a port.

Match Destination options are particularly useful if the same traffic match pattern needs to be assigned different QoS values depending on the route taken. As an example, you may want to assign a higher priority to traffic destined to a VeloCloud Site versus regular cloud-based internet traffic. This can be easily achieved using the Destination configuration value.