Edges can be installed as a single standalone device or paired with another Edge to provide High Availability (HA) support. However, the HA configuration is only for wired WAN connections.

HA Options

There are two options when configuring in HA mode (Option 1 and Option 2). Both options are described below.

HA Considerations

Considerations for both HA options:

  • Edges automatically select either Option 1 or Option 2. Edges will select Option 1 if both Edges are connected to the same WAN links. Edges will select Option 2 if the Edges detect that they are connected to different WAN links.
  • There are no UI changes on the VCO for these two options.
  • Both options are supported on all VCE platforms: 510, 520, 520v, 540, 840, 2000, and Virtual Edge.
  • HA is supported only between the identical VCE platform models (see https://www.velocloud.com/get-started/ for the various Edge platform models).