This section describes the Tunnel Shaper for Service Providers with the Partner Gateway.

Service Providers may offer SD-WAN services at a lower capacity compared to the aggregated capacity of WAN links at the local branch. For example, customers may have purchased a broadband link from another vendor and SP offering SD-WAN services, and hosting VeloCloud Partner Gateway has no control over the underlay broadband link. In such situations, in order to ensure that the SD-WAN service capacity is being honored and to avoid congestion towards Partner Gateway, a Service Provider can enable the DMPO Tunnel Shaper between the tunnel and the Partner Gateway.


Tunnel Shaper Example:

As shown in the diagram above, the VCE has dual links, 20 Mbps Internet and 20 Mbps MPLS, with 35 Mbps SD-WAN service from SP. To ensure that the traffic towards Partner Gateway doesn’t exceed 35 Mbps (displayed as "X" in the image above), a Service Provider can place a Tunnel Shaper on the DMPO tunnel.

Configure Rate-Limit Tunnel Traffic

Note: The Rate-Limit Tunnel Traffic feature is editable only if it is enabled by your Operator. To gain access to this feature, see your Operator for more information.

To enable Rate-Limit Tunnel Traffic:

  1. Go to Configure > Profiles from the navigation panel.
  2. Click the link of the appropriate configuration profile.
  3. Click the Business Policy tab.
  4. In the SD-WAN Overlay Rate Limit area, check the Rate-Limit Tunnel Traffic check box. (See image below).
  5. Select either the Percent or Rate (Mbps) radial buttons.
  6. In the Limit text box, type in a numerical limit to the Tunnel Traffic.
  7. Click the Save Changes button located on the top, right corner of the VCO screen.