Once you obtain Public IP, Inside IP, and PSK information from the Amazon Web Services website, you can configure a Non-VeloCloud Site.

To configure a Non-VeloCloud Site:

  1. Go to Configure > Network Services.
  2. In the Non-VeloCloud Sites area, click the New button.

    The New Non-VeloCloud Site dialog box appears.

  3. In the New Non-VeloCloud Site dialog box:
    1. Enter the name of your site.
    2. Select Generic Router (Route Based VPN) from the Type drop-down menu.
    3. Type in the Primary VPN Gateway (and the Secondary VPN Gateway if necessary).
    4. Click Next.


      Your Non-VeloCloud Site is created, and a dialog box for your Non-VeloCloud Site appears.

  4. In the dialog box for your Non-VeloCloud Site:
    1. Click the Advanced button located at the bottom of the dialog.
    2. If not already selected, select the Enable Tunnel(s) checkbox.
    3. Type in the Site Subnet(s) and description. (Enter the network which is behind the VPN firewall / router and can be exposed to branches for access).
    4. To provide an optimal Source NAT IP to translate the source IP address, type the IP in the Source NAT IP text box.
    5. Add the PSK details and the Public IP you obtained from the Amazon Web Services site.
    6. Select the Redundant VeloCloud Cloud VPN checkbox to establish redundant tunnels on a second gateway. This functionality establishes a redundant tunnel from a redundant VeloCloud Gateway to the Non-VeloCloud Site.
    7. Click Save Changes.
      Note: The View IKE/IPSec Template button shows a sample configuration of the PSK and IP details that would be useful to configure a Non-VeloCloud Site.


      Note: You can click the complementary-configuration-zscaler-eye-symbol symbol next to the PSK to change to a visible display.

For more information about VeloCloud Orchestrator Network Services documentation, go to Configure Network Services.