This section describes how to create an Edge using the Internet profile.

To create an Edge using the Internet profile:

  1. From the Navigation Panel on the left side of the VeloCloud Orchestrator, click Configure -> Edges.
  2. On the VeloCloud Edges page, click the New Edge button at the upper right.


  3. In the Provision New Edge dialog box, specify the Edge name, select an Edge model number, select the Quick Start Internet Profile, and enter your name and email for the Contact Name and Contact Email.


    The description for the newly created Edge appears. 


With the “out-of-the-box” configuration provided for Networks, Network Services, and Profiles, plus the default configuration provided for an Edge, your newly created Edge configuration is complete. You are now able to activate your Edge device and apply the VeloCloud Orchestrator Edge configuration to the Edge device. Edge activation is the same for the three workflows. Next, complete the steps described in Configure Edge Activation.

When PKI is enabled (access must be granted by the Operator), you can choose from three certificate options (Certificate Required, Certificate Optional, or Certificate Disabled). If PKI is enabled and you set the certificate to Certificate Required, you are provisioning the Edge and the Pre-Shared Key is not available.


The newly created Edge appears.