To create and configure a non-VeloCloud site:

  1. From the navigation panel in the VCO, go to Configure > Network Services.

    The Services screen appears.

  2. In the Non-VeloCloud Sites area, click the New button.

    The New Non-VeloCloud Site dialog box appears.


  3. In the New Non-VeloCloud Site dialog box:
    1. Enter the name of your site.
    2. Select Zscaler from the Type drop-down menu.
    3. Type in the Primary VPN Gateway (and Secondary if necessary).
    4. Click Next.

      Your Non-VeloCloud Site is created, and a dialog box for your Non-VeloCloud Site appears.


  4. In the dialog box for your Non-VeloCloud Site:
    1. Click the Advanced button located at the bottom of the dialog box.
    2. If not already selected, select the Enable Tunnel(s) checkbox.
    3. Select the Disable Site Subnets checkbox.
    4. In the Authentication drop-down menu, choose User FQDN and type in the domain address.
    5. Copy the User FQDN domain address and the PSK. (You will need this information when you set up your VPN Credentials in your Zscaler account).
      Note: You can click the complementary-configuration-zscaler-eye-symbol symbol next to the PSK to change the PSK information to a visible display.
    6. Click Save Changes.