To assign CoS to a user-defined private WAN link:

Note: For more information, see Configure Edge WAN Settings for MPLS Private Links and Edge WAN Settings for Private Links Example.
  1. Click Edges under Configure in the navigation panel of the VCO.
  2. In the VeloCloud Edges screen, you have two options to access the Device Settings tab:
    1. First Option: Click an Edge's link to open the Edge Overview screen, and then click the Device Settings tab.
    2. Second Option: From the VeloCloud Edges screen, click an Edge's Device Settings icon.
  3. In the Actions section of the WAN Settings area, click the Edit link for a Private link. See image below.
  4. In the Private Link... dialog, click the Advanced button to open the Private Link Configuration area.
  5. In the Private Link Configuration area, click the Configure Class of Service checkbox. See image below.


  6. In the Class of Service text box, type in a Class of Service to differentiate the types of traffic (e.g. Voice). Click the Plus symbol to add another row.
  7. Click the Set link to open the DSCP Tags dialog to assign a DSCP tag for the Class of Service you created.
  8. In the DSCP Tags dialog, select a DSCP tag from the Available DSCP Tags list area, and then click the appropriate arrow to move the tag to the Selected DSCP Tags area. See the image below.
    Note: You can select multiple DSCP Tags to assign to a single CoS.
  9. Click Submit.


  10. In the Bandwidth (%) column, type in the traffic percentages you want to designate for each of the Class of Services. All of the values in the Bandwidth column must equal 100%. See image below.
  11. If applicable, check the Default Class radial button.
  12. If applicable, check the Policing checkbox. For more information, see section title, Edge WAN Settings for MPLS Private Links Example for more information about Policing. configure-edge-private-link-configuration-area-cos-tags
  13. Click the Update Link button.