Superuser Operators, Standard Admin Operators and Business Specialists can assign and manage license types to Partner and Enterprise customers.

Note: Customer Support Operators cannot assign license types, but they can manage and upgrade existing license types.

Edge License Type Attributes

The Edge license type consists of the following attributes:

Attribute Description
  • 10M
  • 30M
  • 50M
  • 100M
  • 200M
  • 500M
  • 1G
  • 2G
  • 5G
  • 10G
Editions (from lowest level to highest level)
  • Standard
  • Enterprise
  • Premium
  • North America
  • Europe
  • APJC
  • Middle East
  • APJC
  • 1 Year
  • 3 Year
  • 5 Year

Superuser Operators, Standard Admin Operators, and Business Specialists can assign license types to Partners and Enterprise customers from a catalog of 270 license types. The above-mentioned users will get access to the catalog of 270 license types automatically during a VCO installation or when upgrading to the 3.3.0 release. These license types will be displayed in the Edge Licensing screen. To use the Edge License feature, the above-mentioned users must enable the Edge License system property. For more information, see Enable Edge Licensing.

Note: Assigning a license type to an Edge does NOT change or limit the functionality of the Edge in anyway. The Edge License feature does NOT enforce license types onto the Edge, but merely introduces the ability to attach license types. The intent is to ensure license types can be attached to Edges and reported when necessary.

Considerations When Assigning Edge License Types

Scenario Considerations
Mixing License Types
  • Standard License Type: No mixing of license types
  • Enterprise License Type: Can mix with the Premium license type
  • Premium License Type: Can mix with the Enterprise license type
Upgrading an Edge License Type
  • A Standard license type can be upgraded to an Enterprise or Premium license type
  • An Enterprise license type can be upgraded to a Premium license type
Downgrading an Edge License Type
  • License types cannot be downgraded.
  • Once a higher edition license type is assigned, it cannot be downgraded to a lower edition.