To modify an application map:

  1. From the navigation panel, click Application Maps.
  2. From the Application Map screen, click the link to an application map, to open the Application Map Editor dialog box. You can also open the Application Map Editor by selecting an application map and choosing Modify Application Map from the Actions menu.
  3. The Application Map Editor dialog box displays the list of application definitions available in the applcation map.

    You can select an application definition and view detailed information about the selected definition. You can also search for an application definition, sort the definitions by ID or display name, create a new application definition, or remove an existing application definition.

  4. Click Add New to add a definition to the list.
  5. Click Remove to delete a definition from the list.
  6. Click Edit to modify the details of the selected definition. You can update the Name, Display Name, Description, Category, and Ports.


  7. Click Save to commit your changes.