This section describes how to upgrade SD-WAN Orchestrator.

To upgrade SD-WAN Orchestrator:

  1. VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud Support will assist you with your upgrade. Collect the following information prior to contacting Support.
    • Provide the current and target SD-WAN Orchestrator versions, for example: current version (ie 2.5.2 GA-20180430), target version  (3.3.2 p2).
      Note: For the current version, this information can be found on the top, right corner of the SD-WAN Orchestrator by clicking the Help link and choosing About.
    • Provide a screenshot of the replication dashboard of the SD-WAN Orchestrator as shown below.
    • Hypervisor Type and version (ie vSphere 6.7)
    • Commands from the SD-WAN Orchestrator:
      Note: Commands must be run as root (e.g. ‘sudo <command>’ or ‘sudo -i’).
      • LVM layout
        • pvdisplay -v
        • vgdisplay -v
        • lvdisplay -v
        • df -h
        • cat /etc/fstab
      • Memory information
        • free -m
        • cat /proc/meminfo
        • ps -ef
        • top -b -n 2
      • CPU Information
        • cat /proc/cpuinfo
      • Copy of /var/log
        • tar -czf /store/log-`date +%Y%M%S`.tar.gz --newer-mtime="36 hours ago" /var/log
      • From the Standby Orchestrator:
        • sudo mysql --defaults-extra-file=/etc/mysql/velocloud.cnf velocloud -e 'SHOW SLAVE STATUS \G'
    • From the Active Orchestrator:
      • sudo mysql --defaults-extra-file=/etc/mysql/velocloud.cnf velocloud -e 'SHOW MASTER STATUS \G'
  2. Contact VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator Support at with the above-mentioned information for assistance with the SD-WAN Orchestrator upgrade.