This guide describes the features accessible by the VeloCloud IT Partner roles. The VeloCloud IT Partner roles provide the functionality needed to create, monitor, and manage customers that use VeloCloud.

Before You Begin

It is assumed that you are thoroughly familiar with the concepts described in the VeloCloud Overview. It is also strongly recommended that you read and understand the steps in the IT Admin Quick Start Guide and IT Admin Guide for VeloCloud Orchestrator to become familiar with the core function of the VeloCloud Orchestrator that is used by an Enterprise IT Administrator for a customer.

About this Guide

In this guide, a hypothetical company, VeloAcme, is used to describe the configuration for customers. This guide also provides steps to monitor, test, and troubleshoot the VeloCloud system.

Initial Partner Page

The following figure shows an example of the initial Partner web page:


Numbers in the figure correspond to the numbers in the following steps:

  1. The list of the Customers that have been created and that are being managed by the Partner.
  2. The navigation bar for partner tasks.
  3. A quick link to the last Customer that was accessed from the partner web page.
  4. Quick links to Partner functions and the list of recently accessed Customers. If you click on a customer link, you will be taken to the functionality provided for the IT Administrator. For more information, see the IT Admin Guide for VeloCloud Orchestrator.
  5. Quick link to this help.
  6. The partner that is currently logged in. Clicking the link also provides partner account information and a link to sign out.
  7. Buttons to create and manage customers.

This guide describes partner functionality in detail.