This section provides an overview of VeloCloud Partner Gateway installation.

About Partner Gateways

Partner Gateways are Gateways tailored to an on-premise operation in which the Gateway is installed and deployed with two interfaces.
  • One interface is facing the private and/or public WAN network and is dedicated to receiving VCMP encapsulated traffic from the remote edges, as well as standard IPsec traffic from non-VeloCloud sites.
  • Another interface is facing the datacenter and provides access to resources or networks attached to a PE router, which the Partner Gateway is connected to. The PE router typically affords access to shared managed services that are extended to the branches, or access to a private (MPLS / IP-VPN) core network in which individual customers are segregated.

What's Provided?

The following distributions are provided:

Provided Description Example
VMware Gateway OVA package. velocloud-vcg-2.4.0-R24-20170428-GA.ova
KVM Gateway qcow2 disk image. velocloud-vcg-2.4.0-R24-20170428-GA.qcow2