An Operator or MSP can upgrade a Standard Edge license type to either an Enterprise or a Premium edition.

However, after a higher edition license type is assigned, it cannot be downgraded to a lower edition. For more information, see Edge Licensing.

To upgrade a Standard Edge License Edition:

  1. From the VCO navigation panel, click Manage Customers.
  2. In the Customer screen, click the Customer link.
  3. From the VCO navigation panel, click Administration > Edge Licensing.
  4. Select the license type you want to upgrade.
  5. In the Edge Licensing screen, click the Upgrade Edge License button.


  6. In the Upgrade Edge License Edition dialog box, choose either Enterprise or Premium from the Upgrade to Edition drop-down menu.


  7. Click OK.
    The Edge Licensing screen updates with the upgraded license type.
    Note: If an Operator or MSP upgrades a license edition for one of the Edges, all Edges will be upgraded to the new license edition.


Once a customer has been created, selections under the Actions button can be chosen to delete or modify the customer configuration, or to send a support email.