The Management Settings area specifies the primary and secondary VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator IP addresses and management intervals.

The following sections describe the available management intervals.


The Heartbeat value specifies the interval between Heartbeat messages from the VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator to Edges. The default value is 30 seconds and should not be less than 10 seconds. If two Heartbeats to an Edge are missed, the Edge is marked as down.
Note: Changing the heartbeat interval may require changing the VMware SD-WAN Edge Offline Alert Notification Delay to avoid unnecessary alerts.
For example, if the default Heartbeat of 30 seconds is used, an Edge could miss two Heartbeats after one minute (and be marked down) but return to normal operator at the next Heartbeat. In this scenario, the Edge would be marked down for only 30 seconds. This is less than the default VMware SD-WAN Edge Offline Alert Notification Delay of two minutes, and an alert is not sent. However, if the Heartbeat is set to five minutes, for example, anytime the Edge goes down, it will be for at least five minutes. This is more than the alert notification delay and an alert will be sent.


The Timeslice value specifies the interval over which monitoring data is collected for a flow.

Stats Upload

The Stats Upload value specifies the interval for uploading monitoring data. All data for each Timeslice collected during the Stats Upload Interval is uploaded.