A Partner user can manage the Edge Licenses and assign them to customers.

To manage the Edge licenses for a customer:


  1. In the Partner portal, click Manage Customers.
  2. Click the link to a customer name to navigate to the Enterprise portal.
  3. In the Enterprise portal, click Administration > Edge Licensing.
  4. Click Manage Edge License.
  5. In the Select Edge Licenses window, choose the relevant licenses based on the Bandwidth, Term, Edition, and Region.

    Note: While selecting the Licenses, you can choose either one of the following:
    • Select only Standard Editions.
    • Select Enterprise, Premium, or both. You cannot combine a Standard Edition with the other Editions.
  6. Click OK.


The selected licenses are displayed in the Edge Licensing window.

Click Report to generate a report of the licenses and the associated Edges in MS Excel format.

What to do next

You can assign a license to an Edge:
  • In the Enterprise portal, click Configure > Edges.
  • To assign license to each Edge, click the link to the Edge and select the License in the Edge Overview page. You can also select the Edge and click Actions > Assign Edge License to assign the License.
  • To assign a license to multiple Edges, select the appropriate Edges, click Actions > Assign Edge License, and select the License.