Topologies for data centers that include a SD-WAN Hub and VMware branch configurations ( Gold, Silver, and Bronze branches) are configured using both MPLS and Internet connections. Legacy branch configurations (those without a SD-WAN Edge) are included, and hub and branch configurations are modified given the presence of the legacy branches.

The diagram below shows an example topology that includes two data center hubs and the Gold, Silver, and Bronze variations of branch topologies interconnected using MPLS and the Internet. This example will be used to describe the individual tasks required for data center and branch configurations. It is assumed that you are familiar with concepts and configuration details in earlier sections of this documentation. This section will primarily focus on configuring Networks, Profile Device Settings, and Edge configuration required for each topology.

Additional configuration steps for traffic redirection, control routing (such as for backhaul traffic and VPNs), and for Edge failover are also included.


This section primarily focuses on the configuration required for a topology that includes different types of data center and branch locations, and explains the Network, Profile/Edge Device Settings, and Profile/Edge Business Policies required to complete the configurations. Some ancillary configuration steps that may be necessary for a complete configuration – such as for Network Services, Device Wi-Fi Radio, Authentication, SNMP, and Netflow settings – are not described.