In this method, the SD-WAN Edge is activated without the requirement for an office admin to click an activation link.

Following are some scenarios that require you to activate SD-WAN Edge using the Zero Touch Provisioning method:

  • When a Service Provider outsources the physical installation of devices at a site—in most instances, just to connect cables and power. The person who installs the device may neither be an employee of the end customer nor of the Service Provider.
  • When the person at the remote site is unable to connect a laptop/tablet/ phone to the SD-WAN Edge, and therefore cannot use an email or cannot click an activation code/URL.
    Note: For Zero Touch Provisioning push activation to work, use the Orchestrator software version 4.3.0 or later.

For details about how to activate your Edges using the Zero Touch Provisioning method, contact VMware Customer Support.