The following example describes how to assign subscription licenses to Edges as per the Order.

Assume that the Enterprise User has purchased the following:

Product Description Quantity
VC-510-HO-36-P VMware SD-WAN Edge 510 Appliance, Deployment: Hosted Orchestrator for 3 years 11
VC-610-HO-36-P VMware SD-WAN Edge 610 Appliance, Deployment: Hosted Orchestrator for 3 years 1
VC100M-STD-HO-L34S1-36P VMware SD-WAN 100 Mbps Standard Service Subscription for 3 years, Prepaid, Hosted Orchestrator, Basic Support Backline (L3-4) 11
VC350M-STD-HO-L34S1-36P VMware SD-WAN 350 Mbps Standard Software Subscription for 3 year, Prepaid, Hosted Orchestrator, VMware Basic Support Backline(L 3-4) 1

The purchase consists of 12 Edges and 12 Subscription Licenses. You can activate 12 edges and assign:

  • STANDARD | 100Mbps | <Gateway Geolocation Region> | 36 Months to 11 Edges
  • STANDARD | 350Mbps | <Gateway Geolocation Region> | 36 Months to 1 Edge

Follow the below process to assign the license type to an edge.

  1. In the Enterprise portal, click Configure > Edges.
  2. In the Edges screen, click New Edge.
  3. In the Provision New Edge window, configure a new Edge and assign the licence type.

  4. Repeat configuring new Edges and assign the corresponding Edge licenses.
    Note: For Edges enabled with High Availability, the Standby Edge gets assigned with the same license type as of the Active Edge.
  5. To view the list of Edge licenses and the assigned Edges, click Administration > Edge Licensing.

    The above image shows a report of Edge licenses assigned to 12 Edges. You can click Report to generate a report of the licenses and the associated Edges in CSV format.