The procedure below describes the Edge email activation (pull activation) using an Android device and an Ethernet cable.


The components required for this procedure are:
  • Android phone with email access
  • Ethernet adapter suitable for the phone
Note: The example used here is an Edge 610 and a Samsung Galaxy S10+ smartphone. You can use other Edge and Android phone models too.


  1. Complete the Edge configuration on the Orchestrator software. For details, refer to Configure an Edge Device.
  2. Navigate to Configure > Edges > Edge Overview tab, and then click the Send Activation Email button.
  3. Enter the email address of the person activating the Edge, and then click Send.
  4. Power up the Edge, and then connect it to an available internet connection using an Ethernet cable.
    Note: Refer to Edge Activation Guides to check details of the model you are installing to determine the correct port.
  5. Connect an Ethernet adapter to your phone, and then connect the Edge’s LAN port to the Ethernet adapter.
    Note: The Edge is configured by default to acquire a DHCP IP address from the ISP on the WAN (uplink). The Edge also assigns a DHCP address to the phone connected to the LAN port. When the WAN connection is fully operational, the cloud LED on the front of the Edge turns green.
  6. Open the activation email from your phone, and then click the activation link displayed at the bottom of the screen to activate your Edge. The following screenshot is an example.
  7. You can see the activation progress on your phone screen. Once complete, Activation successful message is displayed.


Your Edge device is now activated.