Operator and Partner Super users can assign all or subset of Edge images to their customers from the available list of images assigned to them.

Whenever VMware upgrades a hosted Orchestrator to a newer version of VMware SD-WAN, the respective Edge images are uploaded to the Orchestrator. On a hosted Orchestrator, by default, the newly uploaded Edge images are assigned to Partners automatically after successful completion of hosted Orchestrator upgrade. However, the Edge images are not made available automatically to the direct Enterprise customers. The Enterprise customer must contact the VMware support to request access to new Edge images uploaded to the hosted Orchestrator.

On an on-prem or a Partner-managed Orchestrator, the image upload or assignment of the Edge image to the Enterprise customers are largely controlled by the Partner or the service provider who manages and maintains the Orchestrator.
Note: A Partner can assign Edge images to Partner customers from the available list of images assigned to them by the Operator.

For detailed VMware SD-WAN Edge software versions and recommended releases, refer https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/80741.

Manage Edge Software Image

As an Operator Super User and Operator Standard Administrator, you can upload a new software image, modify the existing software images, deprecate a software image, and delete a software image associated with the Edges. An Edge software image can be deprecated due to one of the following reasons:
  • The Edge image has a major bug or vulnerability which is fixed in the subsequent version.
  • The Edge image is no longer supported by VMware or it is reaching End Of Life (EOL).

Once the image is deprecated, the image will not appear in the list of available software images or versions to be assigned to Operator Profiles, or Customers or Edges. Also, any Enterprise who has one or more of their Edges running this deprecated image will be notified about the deprecated image when they log into the Orchestrator.

For more information, see the Software Images and Manage Operator Profiles section in the VMware SD-WAN Operator Guide.