Profiles provide a composite of the configurations created in Networks and Network Services. It also adds configuration for Business Policy and Firewall rules.

Note: If you are logged in using a user ID that has Customer Support privileges, you will only be able to view SD-WAN Orchestrator objects. You will not be able to create new objects or configure/update existing ones.

Profiles have four tab pages: Profile Overview, Device, Business Policy, and Firewall.

Create a Profile

After a new installation, the SD-WAN Orchestrator has the following predefined Profiles: Internet Profile, VPN Profile, and as of the 3.0 release, Segment-based profiles.

Note: With the Segmentation feature introduced in the 3.0 release, Edges running the software prior to 3.0 could have a Network-based Configuration or a Segmentation-based Configuration. **Because of this transition, you must migrate/convert the Network-based profile to the Segment-based profile.

The following steps are typically followed when creating a new Profile:

  1. Create a Profile
  2. Configure Device
    1. Select Network
    2. Assign Authentication/DNS
    3. Configure Interface Settings
  3. Enable Cloud VPN
  4. Configure Business Policy
  5. Configure Firewall
  6. Review Profile Overview

To create a new Profile:

  1. Go to Configure ->Profiles, and click the New Profile button. config-profiles-new-profile
  2. In the New Profile dialog, enter a Profile Name and Description in the appropriate textboxes.
  3. Click the Create button.

The Profile Overview tab page refreshes. See the Profile Overview Screen section below for more information.


Modify a Profile

Enterprise Admins can also manually assign a profile to an Edge.

One scenario in which this is necessary is for Edge Staging Profiles. In this case, the Edge gets activated against the staging profile by default due to push activation. Enterprise Admins must manually assign a final production profile to the Edge. See Provision an Edge in Assign a Profile (Change a Profile) for instructions on how to manually assign Profiles.


Configure Local Credentials

You can change the local credentials at the Profile level from the Configure > Profiles > Profile Overview tab. When the credentials are updated, they will be sent to all Edges that use the Profile as an Edge action.

Add Credentials

This section describes how to add credentials.

Click the View button to open the Local Configuration Credentials dialog box. Type in a User name and a Password, and then click the Submit button.