To set up disaster recovery in the SD-WAN Orchestrator:

  1. Install a new SD-WAN Orchestrator whose version matches the version of the VMware that is currently the Active SD-WAN Orchestrator.
  2. Set the following properties on the Active and Standby SD-WAN Orchestrator, if necessary.
    • vco.disasterRecovery.transientErrorToleranceSecs to a non-zero value (Defaults to 900 seconds in version 3.3 and later, zero in earlier versions). This prevents any transient errors from resulting in an Edge/Gateway management plane update.
    • vco.disasterRecovery.mysqlExpireLogsDays (Defaults to 1 day). This is the amount of time the Active SD-WAN Orchestrator keeps the mysql binlog data.
  3. Set up the network.public.address property on the Active and Standby to the address contacted by the Edges (Heartbeats).
  4. Set up DR by following the usual DR Setup procedure that is described in SD-WAN Orchestrator Disaster Recovery.