When creating a new SD-WAN customer (Enterprise or Partner), VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator allows Operator Super Users and Operator Standard Admins to enable the Analytics functionality for the customer. Analytics helps to collect data from different vantage points for each application flow, which includes wireless controller, LAN switch, network services, VMware SD-WAN Edge, VMware SD-WAN Hub, VMware SD-WAN Gateway, and application performance metrics.

To enable Analytics for a new customer, perform the following steps:


Ensure that the following system properties are properly set in the SD-WAN Orchestrator:
  • session.options.enableEdgeAnalytics
  • service.analytics.apiURL
  • service.analytics.apiToken

For more information, see Enable VMware Edge Network Intelligence on a VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator.


  1. In the Operator portal, navigate to Manage Customers.
    The Customers screen appears.
  2. Click New Customer or click Actions > New Customer.
    The New Customer dialog box appears.
  3. In the New Customer dialog box, enter customer information, administrative account details, and customer configuration details.
    Note: Ensure to provide a unique domain name for the customer. If the domain name is not unique, the Orchestrator displays the following error message.

    Errors from analytics service: Subdomain is already taken

    For more information, see Create New Customer.

  4. Under Customer Configuration, from the Analytics Capability drop-down menu, select one of the following options to enable Analytics:
    • Application and Branch Analytics - When provisioning an Edge, allows the customer Administrator to choose between Application analytics only and Application and Branch analytics.
    • None - By default, this option is selected and Analytics is disabled for the customer.
  5. Define the maximum number of Edges that can be provisioned as Analytics Edge by entering a numeric value in the # of analytics edges allowed textbox. By default, Unlimited is selected.
  6. Click Create.


The new customer name is displayed in the Customers screen. You can click the customer name to navigate to the Enterprise portal and add or modify Analytics configurations for the customer.