This section describes how to create Gateways and Gateway Pools for a Partner. The Gateways and Gateway Pools you create will be used only by the Partner.

To creating a Gateway or Gateway Pool from the SD-WAN Orchestrator Partner Portal:

  1. From the SD-WAN Orchestrator Navigation panel, click the Manage Partners link. The Manage Partners window appears.
  2. In the Manage Partners window, click one of the available Partners displayed in the Partner column. The Manage Partner Customers window appears.
  3. In the Navigation panel, click the Gateway Pool link to create a new Gateway Pool, or click the Gateway link to create a new Gateway.
  4. In the Actions button (located above the table grid in the top, right corner), click New Gateway Pool (or New Gateway if you selected the Gateway link).
    Note: In the above steps, you are creating Partner specific Gateways; therefore, any Gateways or Gateway Pools you create will only be associated with this Partner.