This section describes how to upgrade the SD-WAN Orchestrator.

To upgrade the SD-WAN Orchestrator:

  1. Upload the image to the SD-WAN Orchestrator system using any file transfer tool available in your infrastructure, for example “scp.” Copy the image to the following location on the system: /var/lib/velocloud/software_update/vco_update.tar.
  2. Connect to the SD-WAN Orchestrator console and run:
    sudo /opt/vc/bin/vco_software_update
    Note: If you configured the SD-WAN Orchestrator as described here, you should be able to log into the virtual machine with the user name vcadmin and the password that you defined when you created your the cloud-init configuration files.

For instructions on how to upgrade the SD-WAN Orchestrator with DR deployment, see Upgrade SD-WAN Orchestrator with DR Deployment.