After creating a customer, configure the feature options and settings that the customer can access. As a Partner Super User, you can choose the settings the partner customer can modify.

When you create a new customer, you are redirected to the Customer Configuration page, where you can configure the customer settings.

You can also navigate to the Configuration page from the Manage Customers page in the Partner portal. Select the customer and click Actions > Modify or click the link to the customer.

In the customer or Enterprise portal, click Configure > Customer, and you can configure the following settings.

Customer Capabilities – Only an Operator can enable or disable the capabilities. You can view the status of the following capabilities. If you want to enable or disable any of the capabilities, contact your Operator.

  • Enable Enterprise Auth
  • Enable Firewall logging to Orchestrator
  • Enable Legacy Networks
  • Enable Premium Service
  • Enable Role Customization
  • Enable Segmentation
  • Enable Stateful Firewall.
  • CoS Mapping
  • Service Rate Limiting
Analytics Configuration - Displays if the Analytics functionality is enabled for the Partner customer along with the details of the maximum allowable Analytics Edges that can be confgured for the customer.
Note: Only an Operator Super User or Standard Admin can enable the Analytics capability for an existing Partner customer. If you want to enable Analytics functionality for your existing Partner customers, contact your Operator.

Maximum Segments – Displays the maximum number of segments configured by the Operator.

OFC Cost Calculation – Displays whether Distributed Cost Calculation is enabled or not by the Operator. By default, the Orchestrator is actively involved in learning the dynamic routes. Edges and Gateways rely on the Orchestrator to calculate initial route preferences and return them to the Edge and Gateway. The Distributed Cost Calculation feature enables to distribute the route cost calculation to the Edges and Gateways.

For more information on Distributed Cost Calculation, refer to the Configure Distributed Cost Calculation section in the VMware SD-WAN Operator Guide available at:

Note: To enable the Distributed Cost Calculation feature for your customers, contact the support team.

Edge NFV – Displays whether the customers are allowed to deploy third party Virtual Network Functions (VNF) on service ready Edge platforms.

Edge Image Management – Displays the current Software Image associated with the selected Partner Customer. As a Partner Super User, you can select and assign a different Software Image from the available list of software images for the customer, if needed.

If you want a Partner Customer to manage Edge software images then you have to enable the Delegate Edge Software Image Management checkbox. Once you enable Delegate Edge Software Image Management and click Save Changes, all the assigned software images for the Partner Customer appears. Click Modify to add or remove a software image for the selected customer.
Note: You can remove an assigned image from a Partner Customer only if the image is not a default image and it is not currently used by any edges within the Partner Customer.

Gateway Pool – The current Gateway pool associated with the selected customer is displayed. If required, you can choose a different Gateway pool from the available list.

If the Gateways available in the Gateway pool have been assigned with Partner Gateway role, you can handoff the Gateways to partners. Select the Enable Partner Handoff to configure the handoff options for the segments and Gateways. For more information, see Configure Partner Handoff.

After making changes to the configurations, click Save Changes.