Edge Licensing allows a customer to link a software subscription to an Edge. A software subscription is defined by bandwidth, the Edge software edition, Gateway regional geolocation, and subscription duration.

Edge License Types

The SD-WAN Orchestrator provides different types of licenses for deployed Edges. These license types account for POC enterprises where no subscription has been purchased, and production deployments where a variety of license types are available to align with the customer’s purchased subscriptions.

POC Deployments

If an Enterprise is deployed as a proof-of-concept (POC) deployment, choose the POC license. There is only one POC license type available as follows:

POC | 10 Gbps | North America, Europe Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific, and Latin America | 60 Months.

This is the only license that should be chosen for a POC enterprise and the only license used by Edges in the POC enterprise. The Orchestrator will not permit additional licenses to be selected if a POC license is chosen.

Production Deployments

When an Edge is deployed in a production Enterprise, the license type assigned should align with the software subscription purchased. For example, if the subscription SKU NB-VC100M-PRE-HO-HG-L34S312P-C was purchased for use with the Edge being configured, the correct license type would be:

PREMIUM | 100 Mbps | <Gateway Geolocation Region> | 12 Months as per the highlighted sections of the SKU.

Assigning an Edge License Type to a New Edge

When a new Edge is provisioned, the Provision New Edge configuration screen includes an Edge License dropdown menu. This menu provides a list of available Edge licenses types which may be assigned to the newly created Edge and includes a search box for ease of locating the correct license.

For more information on provisioning a new Edge, see Provision a New Edge.

Note: Starting from Release 4.0.0, Edge Licensing is enabled by default and it is mandatory for a user to assign an Edge license type when creating a new Edge. This requirement helps VMware to track customer subscriptions and simplifies and standardizes the Edge activation report sent by partners.

Assigning an Edge License Type to an Existing Edge

To assign a license to an existing Edge:
  • In the Enterprise portal, click Configure > Edges.
  • To assign a license to each Edge, click the link to the Edge and select the license in the Edge Overview page. You can also select the Edge and click Actions > Assign Edge License to assign the license.
  • To assign a license to multiple Edges, select the appropriate Edges, click Actions > Assign Edge License and select the license.

If the correct license type is not shown for a subscription, contact the supporting partner to assign the license to the enterprise. If the partner is unable to locate the correct license type or if the Enterprise is managed directly by VMware, then contact VMware SD-WAN Support. Until the correct license type is available, another license type can be assigned temporarily. The correct license type should be assigned after it is made available.

If the incorrect Edge license type is chosen, the impact is that the activation report for that enterprise will be incorrect, and the license assignment will not align with the customer’s purchases. These licensing inconsistencies would be flagged during an audit.

Note: For Edges enabled with High Availability, the Standby Edge gets assigned with the same license type as of the Active Edge.

Edge License Reports

Standard Administrator Superusers, Standard Administrators, Business Specialists, and Customer Support users can view and generate a report of the licenses assigned to their Enterprise.

In the Enterprise portal, click Administration > Edge Licensing.

Click Report to generate a report of the licenses and the associated Edges in CSV format.