VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator enables you to run various Remote Diagnostic tests on a selected Edge.

For more information on Remote Diagnostics, see Remote Diagnostics.

To run Remote Diagnostics on an Edge:

  1. In the Enterprise portal, click the Open New Orchestrator UI option available at the top of the Window.
  2. Click Launch New Orchestrator UI in the pop-up window.
  3. The UI opens in a new tab displaying the monitoring and configuring options.
  4. In the new UI, click the Diagnostics tab.
  5. The Remote Diagnostics page displays the existing Edges.

  6. Click the link to an Edge.
  7. A connection is established to the Edge and the Remote Diagnostics window displays all the possible Remote Diagnostics tests than you can run on the Edge.
  8. Choose an appropriate Remote Diagnostics test to run on the Edge and click Run. The diagnostic information is fetched from the Edge and displayed in the screen.

For more information about all the supported Remote Diagnostics tests, see Performing Remote Diagnostics Tests.

You can also run the Remote Diagnostics test using the Shortcuts option available in the Configure > Edges or Monitor > Edges pages.