The Site Contact performs the steps outlined in the Edge activation procedure email.

In general, the Site Contact completes the following steps:

  1. Connect your Edge device to power and insert any Internet cables or USB modems.
  2. Find and connect to the Wi-Fi network that looks like velocloud- followed by three more letters/numbers (for example,velocloud-01c) with the password vcsecret.
  3. Click the hyperlink in the email to activate the Edge.
Note: Refer the Wi-Fi SSID from the box. The default Wi-Fi is vc-wifi.

The Edge activation email might provide specific instructions for connecting WAN cables and USB modems, connecting devices to the LAN connections, and connecting additional networking devices to the Edge. It might also provide instructions for using one or more Wi-Fi connections.

During the Edge activation, the activation status screen appears.

The Edge will download the configuration and software from the SD-WAN Orchestrator. The Edge will be activated successfully and will be ready for service. Once an Edge has been activated, it will be “useable” for routing network traffic. In addition, more advanced functions such as monitoring, testing, and troubleshooting will be enabled.