Once a SD-WAN Edge is staged to Bastion Orchestrator, an Operator user can activate the Edge against the Bastion Orchestrator. The process of activating the Edge begins with the initiation of an Edge activation procedure e-mail that is sent to the Site Contact by the IT Admin.

To send the activation procedure email:


Ensure that the SD-WAN Edge to be activated is in Staged Bastion state.


  1. In the Enterprise portal of the Production Orchestrator, go to Configure > Edges.
  2. Click on a Staged Edge you want to activate. The Edge Overview page appears.
  3. In the Properties area, click Send Activation Email.
    A Send Activation Email dialog box appears with a suggested email to be sent to a Site Contact. Simple instructions are provided for the Site Contact to connect and activate the Edge.
  4. Click Send to send the Edge activation procedure email to the Site Contact.
    On receiving the Edge activation email, the Site Contact performs the steps outlined in the activation email to connect and activate the Staged Edge to Bastion Orchestrator.


During the Edge activation process, the Staged Edge will download the configurations from the Production Orchestrator via a secure channel and will activate the Edge against the Bastion Orchestrator. You can view the activation status of the Edge from the Monitor > Network Overview page. The Edges that are activated against the Bastion Orchestrator will have Status as Green color and Bastion State as Staged.

for more information, see Monitor Bastion Orchestrator Configuration and Events.

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